Cool Pool

Cool Pool

Lots of books… lots of stories…  lots of movies…  and LOTS of time at the pool.

We stayed there one day for five hours.  FIVE.

We spent the afternoon of the Fourth of July there, and watched the teen diving team demonstrated their fancy flips.

We met up with Ken and Karen, Xak and Nova.  Jaden joined us in the little kid pool to play “sharks and alligators” with Xak, while Kyler went off with a lifeguard to prove that he could swim across the deep end (!!!!!)  all by himeself (!!!!!)  and earn his “yellow band,” the requirement for the awesome water slide.

On another day, Kyler befriended some boys his age at one end of the pool and Jaden joined me for the adult water aerobics class at the other end.


Yay pool!