At one point, while the kids were dancing around to the Happy Song, I took a short Vine video of their feet.  They got all interested in the possibilities of Vine.  We caught on right away that it was perfect for stop-motion animation (we did lots and lots of videos of toys moving around on their own) and of course, for magic tricks:

…and for very short adventure/horror films, directed by Kyler, about a dragon that eats his sister. I love her “indoor voice” scream.

I was loving this partly because it was hilarious, and partly because it was creative, and partly… well, because I secretly hoped that creating his own “scary” effect with a dragon puppet would make Kyler slightly less scared of watching Dr. Who.

Dr Who

But honestly, yeah, those creepy mannequin monsters are pretty terrifying.  So, no Dr. Who for us.  Not yet.

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The sense of danger must not disappear The way is certainly both short and steep However gradual it looks from here Look if you like, but you will have to leap. ~ W H Auden

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