Photo Magic

Photo Magic

For some reason the first thing they decided to do at my house was get into the costume box.  Jaden discovered that the lion’s mane made an interesting beard, rendering her completely unrecognizable.  Kyler fell in love with the Indiana Jones hat, which in fact I secretly kept around because I knew someday he’s be totally into it.

I took a couple of photos, and when they saw them, they got really into the photo-editing aspect of the whole thing.  We discovered that even the simple photo editor on my phone created really magical effects.  So here we have their own artwork:  They arranged their costumes and poses, I clicked the camera button, and they did the photo editing until they were happy with the result.  It was one of the coolest projects we’ve even done, and there was no plan to it at all – we were just playing.

Jaden as a mysterious stranger in a beard; Kyler as a mysterious stranger in a hat.

Jaden in a beardKyler in a hat

Kyler gets all film-noir…  These photos were taken on an ordinary bright summer afternoon, but he played with the effects until it looked like night-time.  I love  his dramatic pose, gazing down at his hat.

Kyler's noir catKyler noir

And we discovered that we could make ginger-ale look like a magical potion.  Jaden got really absorbed in the magical-glow effect….


Kyler's potion Jaden's potion Jaden's potion 2

And finally, Kyler’s portrait of me.  Which I love.

Kyler's picture of me