More than the usual allotment of cutes

More than the usual allotment of cutes

A lovely weekend out and about with Ken and Karen and the kids.  We did the grand tour of the kids’ museum here, which is amazing and just keeps getting better.  Outdoors, there’s a dinosaur park, a train, a pond where you can sail remote-control boats, and a mist garden with mysterious little “underground” tunnels and caves to explore.  Inside they had a wonderful exhibit of things that fly, with craft tables and air-vents so you can create objects to test and watch them zip, zoom, and float up, and flutter back down.  The next day we checked out the tiny “Renaissance Fair” at the art museum over in Raleigh.  It was exactly right for preschoolers.  Knights, jugglers, fairies, and lots of free crafts, too:  books and hats and brass rubbings.












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