Yoga did not kill me.

Yoga did not kill me.

Don’t tell anybody, but I actually like my yoga class.

This is weird, because I hate yoga.  Really, I hate it.  It’s boring and stressful at the same time.  Who wants to be in a room full of those women who do yoga, anyway?  I mean, all of them are thin and pretty and happy, and even with their butts sticking in the air, they must be way better than everybody else, and they clearly know it.

And I’m really terrible at it.  I cannot stand on one foot.  I have never been able to, not even when I was a kid.  I cannot do the Pigeon.  I cannot even imagine how it is possible without actually breaking your leg in two places.  I cannot do plank for more than a few seconds, and even then, it’s not a very good plank.

I could go on.

But I sort of accidentally went to a yoga class and it wasn’t terrible, and then I went again and I kind of liked it.  And now I actually look forward to it.  Granted, I cannot do a single one of any of the poses, even the easy ones.  Ordinarily, being a total failure at something week after week would really feel discouraging to me.  But somehow this class is just much nicer than the ones I’ve taken before.  The teacher is very young, but very earnest and kind, and her group of “regulars” seem like pretty easy going, mostly middle-aged folks, in average shape.  One day she had everybody working on the various poses that lead up to standing on your head.  Now, I have no ambition whatsoever to stand on my head.  But there are lots of other poses, equally unlikely, that I do kind of wish I could do.  So this one lady is trying to stand on her head, and sort of feebly kicking her legs into the air, and falling over, and she sat up very happily saying, “I almost did it that time!” and the teacher and the other students all clapped and were really happy for her.  And I thought, Ok.  This is the class for me. 

But the best thing about it is that it’s at the gym where Ken and Karen go, so I get to see them every week!  Plus, the gym has free childcare, so Xak and Nova are usually there too.  #Thankful-for-Thursday-yoga-class