Career Plans

Career Plans

Teaching & education are my passion.  I taught Middle School for ten years, and teaching still has a very big place in my heart.  I loved every minute and often visit with my former students, many of whom are all grown up now!


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Middle school students are right on the edge of “abstract” thinking, and it’s so thrilling the way they light up when they get a new idea!

I took a break from teaching when I decided it was time to start a family.  It was a good decision, although I had no idea how long and winding the path to parenthood would be!  I plan to return to education, though, because it’s still my passion.  In the meantime, I’ve done volunteer work with schools, and lots of tutoring and homework-help with kids in the neighborhood!

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I worked at a wonderful school where kids learned primarily through hands-on projects and cooperative group work.

I’m very interested in the issues facing public education in America, from a civic and professisonal point of view.  But when I imagine sending my own child to school, improvements in our schools seem even more urgent.  I’d like to be in the classroom again, but I’d also like to have a bigger influence over the way education happens in our country – for my own future child, and all our children.

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As a teacher, I always try to remember what it’s like, learning something new. 

My career ambition is to finish a doctorate in Education and take up a position in curriculum development.   It will be a long road, since I know I can only work on the degree part time, over several years.  But that’s ok!  I know exactly where I’m headed and I know I’ll enjoy the work along the way.  And I know it will be great for my child to see that adults continue to learn all through their lives.

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