Just for fun

Just for fun

I love making things.

I’m not so much into following directions, though…   I don’t mind looking at a pattern or a recipe to get the “general idea,” but I really don’t think I’ve ever followed a set of directions right through from beginning to end!  I like making it up as I go along…


Jaden working on the gnome house... (which eventually had a rooftop pony-stable for a pegasus, too)

My niece and I like making little houses for gnomes.


My grandmother taught me how to make these beautiful egg ornaments.  We make all kinds of miniature scenes inside eggs!


…aaaaand that’s a giant paper mache unicorn.  Yup.  Long story, there.

I organize an enormous knitting group.  (StringThing!)  We meet every week, and aside from knitting (which is lots of fun) we also share a very warm and supportive friendship.  Several of my friends from this group have new babies, several more are expecting, and some are also adopting!


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