trot to Boston

trot to Boston


Sasha and Tabitha are just five, but not at all too old for knee-bouncing.  They are big fans of “Trot-trot to Boston, trot-trot to Lynn, watch out {whoever}, you might FALL IN!”  This may be a New England specific knee-bouncing rhyme, I suppose.  They are also big fans of being swung upside-down by the feet, and if they get even one inch taller I wouldn’t dare do it!  :)

Sasha having “just a little coffee” (!)

Tabitha looking like she knows exactly where *that’s* headed…. (!!)


Kind of captures their dynamic perfectly…

Of course, so does this…


Beatrice is getting properly grown up.  And she has killer style.  The clip-on bird hair accessory would put any hipster to shame.

Strawberry picking in Amy’s Cambridge backyard

Taking a break at the art museum… to draw! Obviously.


I think everyone will be wearing birds in their hair soon.

The kick-ass boots are how we know she’s Amy daughter.


And of course their assorted adults are all well, too!  We had a lovely visit, with preposterous window-shopping, a lovely bookstore/cafe in an old mill by a waterfall, a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, some surprise strawberry picking in the backyard, and really, really good food.

The Bridge of Flowers in some charming New England village somewhere



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