A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

A skittered (ie, quickly edited into skit-form) version of the great Dickens classic…  with hats!

christmas past

We put together quick scripts and a costume box at work to make exam week a little bit merrier.  Some plastic chains left over from a Halloween decoration, an electric candle stuck in a cardboard tube, and some excellent wired-ribbon crowns for the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present.  (Christmas Past actually lights up, with batter-powered mini christmas lights sewn in).  I sewed up a fast grim-reaper cloak out of some black remnant fabric and an even faster nightcap for Scrooge, out of an old pillowcase.  We plugged in a crockpot in the department lounge and mulled some cider, and the whole building smells like Christmas!

Some days I do like my job.

pdf of the script

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