Crafty Wonderland

Crafty Wonderland

A trip to Portland, Oregon to visit my lovely friend Emily!  We had a fantastic three days exploring the city, which is everything people say it is…  cute, crafty, friendly, organic, full of tofu, and mostly raining.  We ate many delicious things and saw lots that was beautiful and walked around all over.

The welcoming committee!  :)


Emily xoxo


Astounding Air Tram, which is part of the city bus system.   It was all I could do to not throw up my arms and yell wheeeeeeeee the whole way down…


Obligatory trip to Powells, a fantastic book store which covers a whole city block


Sharing a love of Things That Are Tiny, Emily and I visited the Smallest Park in the World…

park2tiny park 1park3

… and a really magical – practically hidden – Chinese garden in the middle of the city.


Silly thrift store!


And at one of the (many) awesome little crafty shops, we ran across this gallery of amazing paper sculptures…

paper1    paper2

And a bonus visit with my friend Lisa!  So glad we were able to get together…



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