Not that bad

Not that bad

Ok, not bragging.  But actually, I think I did pretty well on the GRE, especially considering that I just didn’t prepare at all well.  I was way to scared and stressed about it to actually study.  I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. Every time I thought about doing a set of practice problems or tackling a sample essay question, it was like my brain just turned its back and looked the other way, whistling casually and totally ignoring my good intentions.

When I took this test before, it involved a #2 pencil.  It’s totally different now, and honestly, just the change in format was enough to make me worried.  But it was still the same in a lot of ways, and even though my opinion of standardized testing involves cussing at best, it was oddly comforting to be able to eliminate the obviously wrong answers, and know that at least one of the options had to be right.

I did not-as-well as I expected on the verbal section and better than I expected on the math.  This is obviously because some of the questions on the verbal section were stupid, and my answer was better than the “right” answer anyway; some of the wild guesses I made on the math section just happened to be lucky.  The test scores from 130 to 170 points, and I got a 162 and 164.  I think I need at least a 168 on the verbal section, but I was expecting to have to take it again in September anyway.

Afterwards?  Swimming with Katherine in the Eno, at the wonderful swimming hole.  Ahhh….


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