A good song, a good day

A good song, a good day

Giving lil e a ride from Burlington to 50-miles-away Falls Lake… and for a whole hour in the car she was singing me her favorite pop songs.  And guess what?  Avril Lavigne is no longer the best singer in the whole entire world.   And Firework has started slip-sliding down the top ten list….  replaced by a song I actually really like.  I am so, so glad…  because dude, Pulse 102 FM is not actually playing the beat of my heart.

We are thirteen (and thirty-eight) and we like Adele.

E:  She has an amazing voice.  She has this sound in her voice that’s not like the other pop singers.

Me:  It seems like a more blues-y sound.

E: Yeah, I like that.  And if you watch her video you’ll see she’s not all flashy, like the rest of them, but it’s really beautiful.


Of course, lil e could be singing advertising jingles for 50 miles and I’d still love it.  I just love hearing her sing…

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